Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Boltwell

*Disclosure: I received a sample product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

I live in Seattle, where we typically don't have things like floods or hurricanes or tornadoes. However, we do have earthquakes on occasion and the local authorities are constantly mentioning the fact that we are due anytime for "the big one" and pressing us all to have emergency supplies and plans in place.  I did pretty well about getting emergency supplies together when we lived at our old condo, but since we moved to our new house, I have no idea where everything has gotten to. So, when I got an email letting me know about a company called Boltwell, I was very excited.  Here's a little bit about Boltwell, from the company's website:
While most emergency preparedness systems on the market are, well, extreme, Boltwell is a one-of-a-kind retail concept that gives everyday families tools to help keep loved ones safe during unexpected events. Approachable. Educational. Streamlined. We put a whole lot of planning into our offering so that you can check "keep my family prepared" off your to-do list (without thinking too much about the scary stuff).
We want to make preparing for the unexpected not only empowering – but also fun. Live Well Equipped.
I received a special media kit from Boltwell that is designed to give a peek at what the full kits have to offer.  It arrived with everything packed neatly in the box.  Items that needed extra padding had it.  There was also a card in the box letting me know what everything was.  Very handy! All of the items seemed well made and high quality. I also really liked that the kit comes with the ability to register with the Boltwell site. This provides a notification from Boltwell when certain supplies (like the food) has expired and needs to be replaced.

Boltwell makes a variety of emergency preparedness boxes.  The basic B*72 box is made to supply 2 people with everything they need for 72 hours.  First aid, food, toilet supplies, water supplies.... everything that you could possibly imagine needing for an emergency situation.  Boltwell also makes kits that are designed to be added on to the B*72 kit. There are add on kits for tornadoes/hurricanes, germ warefare, earthquakes, floods, power outages, and winter storms.  They also offer other smaller kits including ones for pets, for the car, for grabbing quickly, and for fire. 

I love the peace of mind that these kits offer.  They were designed by Boltwell with lots of input from emergency personnel, so they really are practical and cover the supplies that will be really needed in an emergency situation.  If making an emergency kit has been on your family's to-do list, check out all that Boltwell has to offer!