Saturday, August 30, 2014

Subscription box review: Escape Monthly

*Disclosure- I received a discounted rate for the August Escape Monthly subscription box. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

I love subscription boxes and am always glad when I get the chance to try a new one out.  My most recent box to arrive on the doorstep was one from Escape Monthly. I wrote a post about Escape Monthly last month- visit this link to read all about this subscription service. Basically, for $49.99 per month (or just $40 per month with code GROWINGMYKIDSREVIEWS), you get a curated box of items from a destination somewhere around the world. This month's destination was Paris. Here's a peek at what was in my box:

Overall, I thought there was a nice variety of French items in the box.  There was a Rick Steves' Paris guidebook, cookies, hand cream, a tin of candies, a jar of mustard, body scrub and shower gel and a tiny jar of strawberry preserves.  The hand cream is lovely- I got cream in the Lily of the Valley scent and think it smells really pretty and makes my hands feel soft and moisturized.  I get really dry skin in the winter when we run the heat in our home, so I'm glad to have this hand cream.  

The candy and cookies are really delicious and the Bonne Maman preserves are a known favorite here in my home. I was less excited about the mustard, simply because we rarely use mustard in our home and this was a fairly large item in the box. I also really like the body scrub and shower gels. 

So, I'd say that this box was mostly a win for me, but it's probably not one I will continue to subscribe to, for a couple of reasons. First, I live in a big city with a large international population and have access to a lot of international items in stores.  Second, the guidebooks are just not that useful for me.  If you're of the same opinion regarding the guidebook, Escape Monthly does offer a mini box for only $24.95 which doesn't include the guidebook and has 2-3 fewer items. If I were to continue with Escape Monthly, this is definitely the option I would go with.  

If you're wanting to travel and explore new places without leaving your home, check out the Escape Monthly boxes! And don't forget- each month one subscriber wins a trip to the destination being featured that month!