Monday, July 13, 2015

Subscription box review: MARY's Secret Ingredients

*Disclosure: I received this box to review for myself. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

I've been trying to make it a point to cook more this summer, at least on days when my kitchen is under 80 degrees. But I am a terribly uninspired person in the kitchen, so I need as many pokes and prods to try new things as possible! So I was happy to receive an interesting new subscription box from MARY's Secret Ingredients. Here's a bit about this subscription service, from the website:

Every year, thousands of exciting new food ingredients and products are introduced across the U.S. If you are a foodie who loves to both cook and eat, how can you possibly know about all of them? Mary is here to curate them for you!
While delighting over 32,000 followers with her food and recipe blog LOVE – the secret ingredient, Mary is on a new mission. Two, actually: To deliver her favorite ingredients packed in seasonally themed sets to your front door, and to help hungry children across the country.
As a passionate cook, Mary always looks for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations. In each box you’ll find mouth-watering sweet and savory products to create wonderful tasting food. On LOVE – the secret ingredientblog, Mary shares recipes to inspire, which include ingredients from the boxes.
My box arrived safely about a week ago.  I was pleased with the packaging- everything was very secure and arrived without damage. The contents of the box also made me happy- it's a nice combo of ready-to-eat foods, a cooking tool and ingredients to inspire some new meals!

I also love that the subscription box is followed up with recipe emails.  As I said, I need all the ideas and inspiration that I can get! I also really like that part of the proceeds from the service go to the charity organization Feed the Children. Win win!

If you like to cook or know someone who does, consider signing up and purchasing a box or two! Boxes are sent out quarterly and generally do sell out. Happy cooking!