Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to School Gift Guide: Great new games from Marbles the Brain Store

*Disclosure: I received these games to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

The 2015-2016 school year is looming for us- and already underway for many of you! It's going too fast.  Back to school time means busy schedules and less time to spend together as a family.  One great way to make sure that family members have time together is to have a Family Game Night. And for your next Family Game night, I highly recommend two new toys from Marbles the Brain Store. These two fun games are Sock Puppet Charades and Tugie. Here's a bit about these games, from the Marbles website:

Sock Puppet Charades: Are you ready for the next hilarious party game that's about to take the country by storm? Sure you've all played charades, and yes, it's pretty fun, but straight from the minds of our brilliant Brain Workshop comes Sock Puppet Charades! Just like a game of charades...but with sock puppets! Brad Pupitt and Angelina Toelie are here to join in on the fun as you use a slew of props to act out the secret word. This imagination-bending party game will have you howling with laughter. Ya better hold on to your bunions, you're in for a wild night with Sock Puppet Charades!

Tugie: Straight from the Brain Workshop comes a new, exciting, tugger-ific game for the whole family; Tugie! Incredibly easy to play with a superb replay value, Tugie will delight every brain in your home. Players take turns rolling the die to see which color piece you need to tug from the Tugie Tower. Be careful! If any pieces fall while you tug, you must keep them and they count as points against you. The player with the least amount of fallen pieces at the end of the game wins!
 We've been playing these games for a while now and they are still super popular with everyone. My kids are not particularly good readers (ages 8 and 6), so playing Sock Puppet Charades can be challenging, since they can't read all the things they are supposed to act out, but that doesn't stop them from asking to play the game often. The sock puppets are just so cute and it's so fun to see my kids try to act out the words.

Tugie is a perfect game for all of us. It moves quickly, doesn't require reading and is a great game for developing hand-eye coordination and thinking strategically. I actually really like playing this game with them- even when I lose to one of the kids. The pieces of the game are really sturdy and it's a well-constructed game. A big hit with us!

Marbles the Brain Store has a ton of other games as well, so you're sure to find something that's a perfect fit for your family. Happy gaming!