Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Grace & Stella's Foot Exfoliating Mask

*Disclosure: I received this product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

We had a long, hot summer here in Seattle (hot by Seattle standards), so I spent a lot of time wearing sandals and flip flops and in and out of the swimming pool with my kids. By the time August rolled around, my feet were looking pretty rough. I'm a big fan of nice looking feet in cute shoes, so I was kind of horrified at this state of affairs.  So it was good timing when I got an email offering to let me review a Grace & Stella's Foot Exfoliating Mask. Here's a bit about it, from the product's website:

Grace & Stella’s Foot Exfoliating Mask is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. Our Pedicure Mask has:

✮ 17 types of natural vegetable extracts help relieve fatigue and give energy to your feet
✮ Skin smoothing and moisturising ingredients to get rid of coarse, dull and dead skin
✮ Designed to remove dead skin cells that cause problems to your feet
✮ After 1-time use, smooth, soft and clean looking feet are revealed
✮ Especially effective for the areas around the heel and foot
I actually only had one problem with using this product, and that was finding an hour where I could sit quietly in one spot and not need to be up and walking around.  The foot peel is applied in special plastic booties. You insert each foot into a separate bootie and close the adhesive to secure it. The mask felt cool and slightly squishy on my feet. I found things to do on my computer during the hour that you are instructed to leave your feet in the booties, before carefully making my way VERY SLOWLY down the stairs to my bathroom to rinse my feet.

The day that I did the foot peel, my feet felt no different from usual. The next day they were very slightly itchy, but nothing annoying. It took about a week for the peeling to start and took another week for it to finish. I kept showing my husband my peeling feet when he would come home in the evenings- I found the whole thing fascinating! There was never any pain in any part of the process and, about two weeks after I used the peel, I had pretty pink feet with almost no rough spots! I still have a tiny dry area on the back of one heel, but it was in really bad shape before the peel and is nothing that a good buffing wont take care of.

I am now a huge believer in foot peels and have been recommending them to all my friends. Fortunately, our weather warmed up again here, so I've been able to wear cute shoes and show off my feet! I highly recommend this product, but to be sure to use it at least two weeks before any special event where you want your feet to be looking their best. Happy foot peeling!