Saturday, October 31, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: DVD- Peanuts: Emmy Honored Collection!

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this DVD to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

It was a dark and stormy evening. My kids and I returned from an afternoon filled with school Halloween parties and early trick-or-treating at the stores in our neighborhood. I was exhausted and lacked energy for any parenting other than pressing a few buttons on the entertainment system. And then I discovered that our DVD player wouldn't connect to the internet, so we were unable to stream the movie that we'd planned to watch. Crisis!

Crisis averted when I realized that I had a new DVD set that I received a while back, but that we hadn't gotten around to watching yet- the new Peanuts: Emmy Honored Collection. It features over 4 hours of Peanuts shows! Friday evening saved! Here's a bit about this collection, from a press release that I received:

Take a bow, Charlie Brown! Now fans have a front-row seat to a showcase of the most prestigious Peanuts features ever assembled into one collection.  Peanuts: Emmy® Honored Collection includes 11 animated television specials on two discs. All of the specials featured in this release were recognized with either an Emmy® Award win or nomination. All specials have been remastered for gorgeous picture and sound quality. It’s a collection full of big laughs, best friends and life lessons that will delight the whole family. 
Vivian (my 6-year-old) wandered down to where I am writing this review and, when she saw the DVD that I was writing about, she insisted (repeatedly) that I write that it was a very funny movie. She's a fan! Ethan also loved the collection. I liked the assortment of shows on these discs. You can watch several or just one, so it's perfect for any length of time that you want entertained for. This is a great DVD set, so if you have a Peanuts fan to shop for, I recommend this set!