Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015- Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific

*Disclosure: I received this product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

My kids' love coming home from school and finding a package waiting at our door or upstairs on the counter. They're masters at opening packaging to see what's inside. Recently we received a new product that they were so excited about that they practically shredded the box in their efforts to get inside and start playing. And I was thrilled to see that, because the product in question is actually an educational one! Score! It's the Smart Anatomy Interactive Human Body from Oregon Scientific and it has been an enormous hit in our house. Here's a bit about it.

Meet Alex – your child’s newest pal who knows all about the human body. Alex is the voice of Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific, the educational and fun toy that helps kids learn about the body’s complex systems with more than 600 sounds and information and 150 touchpoints accessible with a talking Smart Pen.
Created by Oregon Scientific for ages 5+, with Smart Anatomy kids can explore the human anatomy and discover what makes their heart beat, or how organs function, or what’s included in a healthy and balanced diet! Playing makes learning fun, and Smart Anatomy serves up educational content in the form of games and activities like True or False and Memory.
Ethan and Vivian love this toy and I love that it's helping them learn so much about the human body and how it works! It's been so fun to watch and listen to them as they play and laugh. Even I'm learning the names of a few things that I didn't know before! The toy is very sturdy and the magnets that allow you to switch around the layers of the body are strong and do a good job of holding everything in place. The toy comes with two faces, a boy face and a girl face. These cannot be switched around once the sticker has been applied, so we've left ours temporarily faceless while we decide which one to use.

This Smart Anatomy toy is easy to use, fun and educational. My kids have been playing with it for weeks now and still return to it again and again. That's always a sign of a real hit! I highly recommend this for the youngsters in your life!