Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello Fresh Discount Code!

*I received no compensation and no product for this post, just writing about something I love! I will receive a small credit for Hello Fresh when the above code is used and you claim your discount. 

I am not a terribly creative cook, but recently took a look at my family's diet and realized we were relying way too much on eating out or getting frozen meals. So I decided to take the plunge into a food service and settled on Hello Fresh. And I'm so pleased with it! With Hello Fresh you can choose between several different options for boxes and number of meals. And you can choose your meals from a selection of options.

My food came packaged in a box with freezer packs. It's designed to stay frozen all day, so you don't have to worry about being home at delivery time. I really liked that each meal was packaged separately. The meat/protein selections were in one section, then each meal's ingredients with in a separate box. This makes it easy to keep track of things in my fridge. And I love that the meals come with just what you need for that meal. I end up throwing out a LOT of ingredients when I shop on my own, either because I didn't get around to a meal or had to buy a lot of something and just used a little bit.

If you've been thinking about trying out one of these services, I have a code that will get you $40 off your first delivery. No long-term commitment required- if you don't like the service, just cancel after your first week! The code is: A8TD97

Happy eating!