Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Great new games from Blue Orange Games!

*Disclosure: I received these products to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. 

It's the second day of Winter Break, which means that my kids have already informed me of their extreme boredom several hundred times. Fortunately for all of us, we have some fun new games in our house, perfect for school break entertainment!

Both of the games are from Blue Orange Games, a company that, in my opinion, truly excels at making games that are both fun and educational. The first of the games is called Kaboom, and it's the new favorite of everyone in the family! Here's a bit about it, from the Blue Orange website:

Enter a war of destructive construction where builders erect teetering towers that saboteurs try to smash with their demolishing dice! As the Master Builder, you must assemble your tower against the chaotic onslaught of catapults to try to get the most points. But come next round, you’ll be the saboteur behind the catapult creating catastrophe for your opponent builder. Will you build multiple towers against your enemies? Or will you try for the grand prize and master the Mega Tower? All ages will love this challenge of speed and precision mingled with some great destructive fun!

This game helps kids with skills like fine motor, attention and problem solving. And it's just a lot of fun! I liked that it's fast paced, so no one had time to get bored with what was going on. My 9-year-old son thought the catapulting of dice was pretty cool and my daughter was most fond of the building process. Something for everyone! I also like that there's no complicated setup and the rules are easy to quickly understand. Thumbs up from us!

The other game that we received from Blue Orange is called Pin Point! and my daughter absolutely adores it. Here's a bit about this game:

Develop your eagle eye abilities with this new twist on the classic “find the differences” game! Each card has 5 images on it- one Original image and four with variations. Players use process of elimination to locate the Original by pointing out differences in the other four pictures. This brain teasing game will delight kids of all ages as they race to spot the differences in the printed pictures. There is always one original- can you find it?

Vivian loves playing spot the difference games, so she took to this one immediately. I was very impressed with her quick speed at finding the differences and similarities in the pictures. I also really like that this game can be played either alone or with a number of players. Very versatile! And it all is contained in a small tin, so it's great to travel with.

As with the other Blue Orange games in our house- we highly recommend these! Visit the Blue Orange website for information on all the fun games they offer!